"Take Me Away" Charcoal & Mint Whitening Travel Kit

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"Take Me Away" Charcoal & Mint Whitening Travel Kit
Extreme Whitening Gel with Activated Charcoal contains our unique whitening formula as well as activated charcoal for instant results. Our gel formula contributes to the whitening of teeth and the eradication of plaque and uses 100% pure Activated Charcoal. Unlike traditional charcoal products, the gel formula makes it easier to use than ever, minimising the mess. 

• Straight forward and easy to use
• Fluoride-free
• Whitens and brightens teeth
• Freshens breath and removes plaque
• 100% Natural Charcoal
• Easy to use 
5 stars based on 4 reviews
from Wales
" Super good for travelling with."
from US
" Very nice, Purchased for my wife who loved it"
from United Kingdom
" Purchased on a whim for my teenaged daughter's birthday and she loved it. If I could give more than 5 stars I would, I would definitely recommend this product."
from Texas
" It was my first time trying a cougar product and I purchased this one as I travel around the US a lot to see my family. This product has helped me maintain my pristine white teeth whilst on the road. Well done."
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