Rewind Face Trio

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Rewind Face Trio
The Rewind Face Trio contains an Active Derma Roller, Sanitiser Spray and Quinoa and Kale Serum.

Derma rollers have small titanium needles that puncture the skin, and trick the body to believing that the skin has been wounded. This increases the skin’s production of collagen and elastin, which over time heals scarring and imperfections on the face and body. 

What can Derma Rollers do?
  • Proven to diminish cellulite, stretch marks and large pores. 
  • Smoothens uneven skin texture, uneven skin colouration (pigmentation), and heavy pitted skin. 
  • The stimulation of elastin and collagen can thicken skin, and diminish deep or fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Cost effective: One dermaroller session can start from £175. 
  • Increases absorption of serums and creams. 
  • Pain free treatment. 
Quinoa contains high levels of vitamin E that neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals—molecules that damage collagen—from sun and pollution exposure. Amino acids and peptides found in Quinoa get into the dermis [deeper skin] and can trick the body into thinking collagen is broken, and stimulate it to create new, healthy, young collagen.

Kale is a very good cleanser for skin. It detoxifies your body from within and hence translates into a healthy glowing skin outside, it has been proved helpful in preventing a host of skin diseases as well. 
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