Quinoa & Kale Set

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Quinoa & Kale Set
Quinoa & Kale Facial Moisturiser & Mask Set

 Quinoa and Kale are bursting with powerful antioxidants and vitamins which have amazing skin care benefits.

Quinoa contains high levels of vitamin E that neutralise the oxidant effect of free radicals—molecules that damage collagen—from sun and pollution exposure. Amino acids and peptides found in Quinoa get into the dermis [deeper skin] and can trick the body into thinking collagen is broken, and stimulate it to create new, healthy, young collagen.

The amount of vitamin B found in Quinoa has been found to reduce the dark melanin deposits that lead to age spots and other skin pigment-related conditions.

Kale is a very good cleanser for skin. It detoxifies your body from within which translates into a healthy glowing skin outside. Kale contains a lot more antioxidants than most other green leafy vegetables, antioxidants are a great way of reducing wrinkles as they slow down the ageing process and helps in preventing free radical cells damage to skin.

This gift set contains a facial moisturiser & face mask. 


Facial Moisturiser: After cleansing, apply a small amount of cream and massage into your face in upwards circles, letting the product absorb into your skin.
Face Mask: Apply onto freshly cleansed skin, while taking care to avoid the eye and lip area, leave for 5 minutes, rinse off with warm water.

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