Perfect Pout Lip Gloss

With an active ingredient of Volulip, this lip plumper mimic’s hyaluronic acid injection by doubling its synthesis level.
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Perfect Pout Lip Gloss
Perfect Pout is not just any old lip gloss. With an active ingredient of Volulip, this lip gloss with plumping effect mimic’s hyaluronic acid injection by doubling its synthesis level but also strongly stimulates the synthesis of matrix and dermal-epidermal junction molecules. 

This making an improvement of the internal and superficial lip texture with a visible impact on the lip shape: increases the volume of the lips, Decreases anti-ageing and anti-sagging effect on the lips and improves hydration and softness of the lips. 

  • Volulip at 1% is added for lip architecture – shaping, plumping and moisturising
  • Vitamin E  is added for antioxidant and moisturising properties 
  • Corum and Peppermint for heating and cooling sensation that creates a tingling effect but also creates a refreshing flavour and scent. 
Directions: Simply squeeze the tube so some of the product comes out, use the applicator on the end of the tube to rub the product around the lips, ensure all of the lip area is covered for a more intense and fuller result.

Weight: 0.01kg
Volume: 10ml
5 stars based on 9 reviews
Sue Dally
from Hollocombe, Devon
"Perfect Pout is the perfect name for this lip plumper as it really does make a difference. I love putting it on over lipstick as it makes the colour stand out even more and your lips are so shiny and glossy. A bit sticky in texture so don't kiss anyone straightaway (!) but it lasts for ages and I like it a lot!"
Jessica Singleton
from Southampton
"I'm not one for lip gloss, but this is different - not just your standard clear gloss. As soon as I applied it I could feel the a gingery tingle, and then a cool minty sensation. My hubby likes it, he asked to try it out with me because he was curious - very supportive! Haha! This is the first lip plumping product I've tried, and I (or should I say we!) really don't regret it.
If you're a lip gloss lover then I recommend it, a clear gloss and a little plump is a win right?"
from Stoke on Trent, UK
"Quite sticky on initial application, but it's thick and very long lasting which is what I like and was after lasts on me for about 5hrs.
It does have a slight tingling sensation with the peppermint smell and flavour, this gives the plumping and moisturising effect. I've also found with continued use (6 weeks now) that my lips are much more moisturised, plumper and younger looking!
Very pleased with this product :-)"
from Dunstable
"It really works, you can literally feel the lip plumper doing it's magic. I personally don't like the smell and bit too sticky for me. I would still recommend if you want some boost to your lips"
Maxine Piper
from Swansea
"Cougar beauty have done it again! I ordered after 6pm on Monday for free sample, just paying p&p. Received it today Thursday morning. Well impressed! Being 52 my top lip has disappeared, so I put the lip pout on my top lip only - now I have matching lips 😊 Its a very thick, sticky consistency but not unpleasant. Tingled for a while but I've had 3 drinks since applying & its still lovely & full! Looking forward to my top lip not disappearing when I smile, as its worked now. I have matching lips 😊 💋👄"
from uk
"this lip pout is very thick and leaves a beautiful shine on the lips .. took a few mins for the full tingle effect to take place but it was a nice tingle . my lips did look slightly fuller but it remained on whilst drinking and eating which is a big plus to me ."
Georgina Crater
from New Zealand
"take it everywhere with me, i'm obsessed! helps keeps my lipstick on loads longer too. loveeee it"
from Usa
"This stuff is amazing! Its super thick but feels so nice! My lips feel moist and its got a pleasant mint smell! :D"
Candice Appleton
from Darlington, United Kingdom
"This works amazing! Feels nice and thick on your lips and would definitely recommend it!✨"
Weight: 0.01kg
Product Code: CBPP01