Luxury Beard Oil and Beard Comb 2pc set

Luxury Beard Oil and Beard Comb 2pc set
The Admiral Nourishing Beard Oil can be used as a beard or pre-shave oil. Beard oil penetrates the skin and moisturises the hair, helping to soften tough beard hairs. This product also includes the Admiral beard comb making it easier to tame and style facial hair whilst the oil provides the skin with moisture and hydration. Why did we choose to include Olive Extract in this product? Olive has been known to be an incredibly useful ingredient for skincare for many years. Olive extract packs in extra nourishing benefits so you can really feel the softness in your skin. It’s also loaded with anti-ageing oxidants, which is renowned for keeping skin youthful and healthy. 
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Product Code: ADM003
Weight: 0.75kg