Fibre Lash Extender Kit

Create full, voluminous, long lashes with this Mascara and Fibre lash Extender kit!
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Fibre Lash Extender Kit

​​​​​​​Create the eyelashes you've always wanted without the timely, costly and messy application which is done when using fake eyelashes or having eyelash extensions. You will be in total control of the length and volume, this product is easy to wash off and will not irritate your eyes, this is the best alternative for your lashes!

This kit contains:
Specifically designed to maximise volume and length. This special mascara is the solution to long, luscious, curly lashes and won‘t leave dark smudges behind like most mascaras do. 
Fibre Extender 
 Adding microfibre ingredients to extend your lashes puts you in total control of the length and volume. The lightweight fibres attach to the Mascara which acts like a glue to hold the fibres to the lashes. 

Lash Extender Kit: Begin application with one eye at a time, apply the Mascara to your eyelashes, be sure to apply from the very base of the lashes, ensuring that every lash has been covered. Then using the Fiber extender apply the fibers to your eyelashes, this must be done immediately while the Mascara is still wet. Then when you are happy with your eyelash length, seal the fibers with another coat of the Mascara. Repeat these steps as many times as needed. 

Weight: 25g
Volume: Mascara 10ml, Fibre Extender 10ml.

5 stars based on 5 reviews
Louise Haley
from London

Amazing product! As a certified make up artist this product is the next best thing to false lashes... but no need for falsies!!

Definitely recommend , thanks Cougar!!

Jessica Singleton
from Southampton

Anybody that knows me, knows that I have always had short eyelashes and always struggled with mascaras. Each lash has to be separate, and sometimes I even use a pin to ensure this happens. Clumps are not welcome here! Up until recently I hadn't even been able to apply false lashes, and when I was finally able to, they looked ridiculous on me because they reached over my eyebrows. 

So when I saw the Fibre Lash Extender Kit I had to try it!

The directions are pretty straight forward - apply the mascara (they call this the transplanting gel) and immediately afterwards use the fibre wand, then reapply the mascara. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Considering this was the first time I used the product, and considering applying mascara is the thing that takes me the LOOOONGEST time to do in my make up routine, it took 3 applications before I was finally happy. BUT OH MY GOD WAS I HAPPY 😁

My hubby was fast asleep whilst I was busy trying this out at 7am on a Saturday morning, (thanks kids!) and the first thing he said? 

'Oh, you've put on fake lashes? They look really good.' 

HE THOUGHT THEY WERE FAKE! So obviously that alone made my day, but I also noticed my eyes stood out a lot more compared to normal, and hubby agreed. I can honestly say I am so glad I got the lash extender kit. It's made such a difference to little ole me with my short stubby lashes, so imagine if you have long lashes anyway and got this product! You'd never need falsies again! 

from Bath

I was using another kit from a different brand but definately prefer this one. The mascara is thick and the fibres don't clog up. Would definately recommend it to others. Leaves your lashes longer and fuller.

from Rainham

The best. Stunning false lashes in a tube. And easy to remove. Will definitely buy again

Thank you

from BATH

Best mascara I've used!

Product Code: CBMFK01
Weight: 0.025kg
Product Code: CBMFK01
Weight: 0.025kg