CB & CO Vegan Hand & Body Lotion Rose & Geranium 150ml

The uplifting freshness of the Rose & Geranium body lotion captures a cooling scent, leaving a calm infusion of hydration and moisturise.
CB & CO Vegan Hand & Body Lotion Rose & Geranium 150ml


Cloak your skin in a rich veil of moisturise infused with rose & geranium fragrance.The essential oils of Rose & Geranium refresh and tone for radiance whilst creating  a moisture barrier for deeply condition.This rich body lotion encourages the deep hydration & also the cell renewal leaving skin instantly hydrated .The therapeutic scents infused in the body lotion uplift the mood & also promote inner harmony.

Nurture and nourish the skin with the luxurious body lotion which unveils the skins natural radiance leaving it soft and supple.The beautiful light body lotion which moisturisers,nourishes and softens the body every day, infused the luxurious blend of pure essential oils to leave the skin delicately fragrance and beautifully soft.Provides the skin with a flawless glowing complexion which helps to invigorate and refresh and tone the skin.The sweet aroma leaves skin mesmerised and relaxing.

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