Better In Black Detox Set

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Better In Black Detox Set

Our better in black set is the ultimate charcoal kit for brightening skin and teeth!

This set contains our Charcoal Teeth Whitening Gel, toothbrush and post treatment rinse to make sure teeth are thoroughly clean. Unlike traditional charcoal products, the gel formula makes it easier to use than ever, minimising mess.


• 100% Natural Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening

• Fluoride free

• Contains toothbrush

• Contains rinse

• Freshens breath and removes plaque

• Simply and easy to use

• Full charcoal teeth treatment set

• Whitens and brightens teeth


Activated Charcoal Powder 30g

Activated Charcoal contains our unique whitening formula as well as activated charcoal for instant results. Our powder formula contributes to the whitening of teeth and the eradication of plaque and uses 100% pure Activated Charcoal.

• Straight forward and easy to use

• Fluoride free

• Whitens and brightens teeth

• Freshens breath and removes plaque

• 100% Natural Charcoal

• Easy to use


Charcoal Body Wash

Our Charcoal Body Wash is a skin detoxifier, reducing the amount of dirt and oil built up deep down in the pores. Purifying the body from head to toe, step out of the shower feeling flawless every morning!


Our 3in1 face mask formula acts as a cleanser, scrub & mask! This product contains activated charcoal which helps to lift and remove oil, dirt and much more from the skin. Detoxifying and deep cleansing, the Charcoal Face Mask reaches deep into the pores to draw out any impurities.

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