3 Piece Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Set

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3 Piece Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Set

Set includes - x3 50ml Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gel. 

Hands are the most used & neglected part of our bodies. Integrating a hand sanitiser into your skincare routine is a must. Our Ultra Cleansing Hand Sanitiser guarantees protection from many harmful toxins and bacteria.

Fight back against harmful toxins & bacteria. Keep your hands clean and healthy throughout the day. 

- Kills 99.9% of bacteria & harmful germs

- 70% Alcohol

50ml / 1.7 fl. oz

1 star based on 3 reviews
Natalie C
from London


i bought this to protect myself and my family from the coronavirus but this is NOT a hand sanitiser!!!!!!!!! PLEASE keep your friends family and yourself SAFE AND DO NOT BUY THIS SANITISER

from Symonds

False advertising

I purchased this product hoping it could be used to protect me and my family. What a joke! This product has no antibacterial properties whatsoever! Waste of money and very upsetting as I let my children use it

from Bradford


Please don’t buy this product, I ordered some and it is NOT hand sanitiser gel!!! Avoid it for your own health, This company should be shutdown! They are taking advantage of people

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