Day Creams are a great foundation of moisture for the day head. Environmental stressors can cause the skin to dry out throughout the day, and can also cause premature ageing. The use of Day cream moisturises the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed. 

Snail Slime has been found to have many rejuvenating effects on the skin. In the sixteenth century, Ambroise Paré, a pioneer surgeon to the French kings, found that snail secretion can be used to treat stretch marks after pregnancy. In the mid 1990’s, further studies found that snail secretion could be beneficial in many cosmetic products and procedures, improving many imperfections such as acne scarring, injury scarring, pollution of the skin and premature ageing. 
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Trisha Batley
from Jersey
"I wasn't put off by the fact that this product is derived from snails - when I think of all the toxic junk that's put in some of our food it seemed refreshingly natural!! I have been using the gel for about a month and the difference is amazing! Couldnt recommend this enough...."
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