PRODUCT - Luxury Wild Caviar 5pc
Luxury  Wild Caviar 5pc

Luxury Wild Caviar 5pc
Luxury Wild 5 Piece Caviar Skin care

Caviar, also known as the black gold, is considered a delicacy. It is also synonymous with luxury and wealth. The name caviar is used for the salted roe (eggs) of various species of fish, most notably sturgeon. Fish roe contains an abundance of valuable ingredients, to support the development and the nutrition of the fish embryo.

The Cougar Caviar range contains the carefully extracted nutritious elements of fish roe and caviar, combined with oligopeptides from actin and an extract from the seaweed Fucus Vesiculosus.


Wild Caviar Cleanse & Tone
Wild Caviar Day Cream
Wild Caviar Night Cream
Wild Caviar Serum
- Wild Caviar Purifying Face Mask


Improves and intensifies the elasticity of the skin.
Protects against the damage of free radicals
Skin becomes firmer, smoother and silkier.
The Marine Collagen action fills in lines instantly.
Deeply moisturises and smoothes the skin.
Leaves your skin looking luminous, rested and radiant.