PRODUCT - Galvanic Beauty Device & Galvanic Serum
Galvanic Beauty Device & Galvanic Serum

Galvanic Beauty Device & Galvanic Serum
Cougars Galvanic Beauty Device 

Ionic Beauty Tone System
For more than 50 years, spa and salon professionals have used  galvanic currents in customised treatments to refresh and energise the skin. These treatments, through a gentle massaging action, help to focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.
Features and Functions:

- Non-invasive facelift
- Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
- Improve facial circulation
- Improve hyperpigmentation and acne
- Increase product penetration
- Skin hydration and revitalization, resulting in smoother and softer skin
- Decrease of puffiness and edema
- Restoration of the "pink glow" of youthful tones
- Visible firming and contouring, lifting overall drooping features
- Tightening of sagging jowls, doubling chins, and fatty cheeks
- Ergonomic design with the two probe design is especially good for the corner of your month, nose and eye.
- 2 programmes: Balance , lifting
- 8 intensity levels (1 being the lowest, 8 the highest level)
- Micro current technology with both positive ion and negative ion
- Auto stop function with 5 minutes for each step
- Easy to use, portable and can be used anytime and anywhere
- AAA battery operated


The IONIC Beauty Device should not be used by;

- Children
- Pregnant Women
- People subject to seizures
- People with cancer/tumours
- People with cardiac pacemaker
- People with implanted defibrillators
- People with Electronic implanted devices
- Do not submerge in water and do not use in a damp location or while bathing or swimming.

Cougar Super Concentrate Galvanic Serum

Blended with collagen, antioxidants  and elastin, Cougars Galvanic Serum has high moisturising properties and is ideally suited to use on dry mature skin to improve skin tone  elasticity, firmness and suppleness as well as gradually reduce age and sun spots with pure collagen and antioxidant ingredients.

Especially formulated for use with Cougars Galvanic Devices 

Treats damaged, stressed, dry skin 
Natural restoration of the skin
Soothes and calms skin irritation and inflammation
Essential for cell metabolism and skin hydration
Moisturising, regenerative, re-mineralization skin protective virtues