PRODUCT - Galvanic Anti-Ageing Pen (Botox in a Box)
Galvanic Anti-Ageing Pen (Botox in a Box)
Galvanic Anti-Ageing Pen (Botox in a Box)   Galvanic Anti-Ageing Pen (Botox in a Box)     

Galvanic Anti-Ageing Pen (Botox in a Box)
Cougars Galvanic Anti ageing Pen

Galvanic current is widely used in expensive professional Esthetician treatments as a skin firming and toning tool.  Now the same beauty treatment is available for home use.  The Anti-Aging Galvanic Pen uses a gentle positive current that immediately acts in two ways: to stimulate the collagen and elastin fiber strength in the skin, and help anti-aging serums and creams to penetrate deeper into the skin layers.  
This treatment results in overall increased skin tone and reduced puffiness.  Using Cougars anti-aging skincare serums and creams as a preventative measure is an absolute must in any skincare routine, and applying galvanic current boosts the effectiveness of these products .  Both products combined will help keep collagen from breaking down, which greatly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and aging skin.  
For optimal results the treatment should be done twice a day, morning and evening, on clean dry skin. 
Combined with our Caviar skincare range loaded with deeply effective complexes and sea proteins that regenerate your skin, make it firmer, smoother and drenched in moisture. Caviar Extract greatly supports the skin's natural production of collagen. In addition it transforms the skin and makes it firmer and stronger.