PRODUCT - Concentrated Galvanic Serum
Concentrated Galvanic Serum
Concentrated Galvanic Serum        

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Concentrated Galvanic Serum
Concentrated Galvanic Serum

Enriched with collagen, antioxidants and elastin, our Galvanic Serum has high moisturising properties and is ideally suited to use on dry mature skin to improve skin tone elasticity, firmness and suppleness. Found to also gradually reduce ageing and sun spots, due to the concentrated collagen and antioxidant ingredients.

Especially formulated for use with Galvanic Anti-ageing Devices:

- Treats damaged, stressed, dry skin.
- Soothes and calms skin irritation and inflammation.
- Essential for cell metabolism and skin hydration.
- Moisturising, regenerative, re-mineralization skin protective virtues.

How to use
Ensure the skin is cleansed, and all remaining make up, dirt or residue is completely washed from the face. Wash the face with warm water – this is essential as it opens up the pores.

Dry the face, and apply one pump of serum – this is enough for the whole face.

Leave the serum to soak in before applying any other products

Maxium effects can be obtained with the use of other Galvanic products.