The original, as seen on TV Airbrush Stockings! If you’re wondering where you have seen us before, click here.

The Airbrush Stocking Aerosol offers full coverage with only a light application. 
Ideal for helping cover up small imperfections like thread veins, freckles, varicose veins and much more. Unlike many other tans, the Airbrush Stockings Aerosol formula is created to be highly hydrating whilst offering a full coverage. 

Though this product is completely washable, it is transfer and water resistant. This meaning once applied, the product does not transfer onto clothing or bed sheets, and also if the weather lets you down, it will not leave a streaky pattern on the areas applied. To wash off, simply use soapy water and massage the soap wherever applied.

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Andrea R
from Bath
"Used this for years an i love it! Always stock up on it, perfect for winter & summer! :)"
from Brighton
"I'm giving this product 5 stars...because i really love it apart from the last one I Bought and it comes off on everything I touch ..which I'm really disappointed I'm hoping it's a one-off and not because they've changed the formula or something..because the last ones I've ever had are just brilliant it's gave me so much confidance and I can wear things I never could please never stop selling it"
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