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The ultimate non-invasive Eyelift!

This 3D Eyelift Serum works with anti-ageing technology to combat the signs of ageing, mimicing the procedure of a Face Lift, without scarring, pain, hefty price tag and long recovery period. The 3D Eyelift serum does 3 very important things. 

1. It works to brighten the under eye, adding luminostiy and glow to the skin from the brightening ingredients of alantoin and licorice extract, creating a wide awake, brighter eye. 

2. It detoxifies the skin of all impurities and fixes free radical damage, aswell as protecting and preventing any more free radical damage to take place on the skin.
3. With the added ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, works to lock moisture in to the skin. Also works to plump and tighten the under eye skin, as it penetrates deep into the epidermis, filling the areas with moisture, therefore eradicating any deep on fine lines and wrinkles.

Directions: Apply a small drop to finger tips and massage under the eyes. Can also be used on the brow line to provide lift.

Weight: 30g

Volume: 15ml
5 stars based on 3 reviews
from South Yorkshire
"A really nice textured Serum. It glides over the delicate eye area with ease. It makes a great primer for under the eyes and keeps them really moisturised."
from Dunstable
"This one is absolutely amazing. I often sleep short hours and get up with baggy puffed eyes. Now i just apply serum when i get up and my eyes are perfectly fine before i finish my first coffee. Its in form of very light and cooling gel."
from Москва
"Покупала на сайте распродаж по очень хорошей цене и осталась довольна, сыворотка отлично работает на уменьшении глубины морщин и здорово на носогубной зоне, а также на морщинах лба. Помимо этого заметно улучшает цвет лица, а это я увидела на муже. Так что средство отличное.Всем рекомендую."
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